Be Safe in the Bathroom

Getting in or out of a bath or raised plinth shower is undoubtedly one of the most difficult as well as dangerous household activities to undertake for the disabled and elderly or anybody with permanent or temporary mobility problems.

Getting up to the standing position from a bath even with the best non-slip mat installed can often result in a serious slipping accident, the combination of water, soap and modern day bath oils will make any surface slippery and ultimately dangerous when trying to get up from a very low level. A recent study found that people over the age of 65 accounted for 79% of bathroom injuries, the study also found that the bathroom is the second most dangerous room in the house (after the kitchen).

Recently we have been looking at the viable solutions to what is a serious problem and checking out a range of safe bath and shower solutions including easy to install support rails and shower seats to assist the elderly and those with minor mobility problems and a more economical solution of installing a bath lift in your existing bath.

The safest solution would be to have a wetroom created so you can enter the shower area from the safety of a wheelchair or shower chair, however this is the most expensive solution and sadly one that is not available to everybody due to the larger room size needed to maneuver.

Easy Access Showers:
These type of showers differ from the standard shower cubicles and often provide complete level access or a very minor single step to negotiate along with carefully positioned grab and support rails that are installed to meet your exact needs and help you safely get in and out of the shower as well as providing support while showering.

You can have the option of a fold up shower seat so that you can sit and shower using the height adjustable shower with controls that are designed to be accessible from both a standing and sitting position. This helps reduce the time needed to stand and offers a greater amount of safety.

There are a number of bath lifts on the market, some good, some bad and some downright dangerous. It is therefore important that you make sure that you get the best bath lift to meet your mobility needs, one of the better ones is highlighted below.

Check out a mobility bath lift video by following the highlighted link or make contact with a professional bath lift supplier such as AquaLift Bathlifts on 0800 256 3735 for advice, competitive price guides and details of a free home demo or check out the video below.

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