Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Most people think of adjustable beds as something only the disabled, elderly or infirm require this is probably because many people have only ever witnessed or slept in an adjustable bed while in hospital so tend to think of them as big bulky lumps of iron that raise you up and down or sit you up to enjoy your mouth watering hospital dinner (sorry, sarcasm creeping in their)

The actual benefits of an adjustable bed can of course be for health reasons, one great health benefits of having an adjustable bed is having the ability to raise the bottom of the bed so that your feet are higher, excellent for anybody suffering from swollen feet through a result of injury, disability or even recovering from something as simple as a broken leg where you need to reduce swelling or water retention by having a leg(s) raised. Riser recliner chairs are also very good at helping to reduce swelling in the lower leg and come in many stunning designs and colours to match your existing furniture.

Apart from the health reasons having an adjustable bed is one step further than enjoying the luxury of a memory foam mattress. Yes it will raise you up and down or sit you up if you need extra support but it will also allow you to create the most comfortable position for that great night’s sleep or whatever else you get up to in bed!

Adjustable beds come in all shapes and sizes including luxury double beds that individually tilt and rise to meet the individual person’s needs as well as single beds that fit into the smallest of rooms. All modern adjustable beds are electronically operated with one or two controllers allowing you to lie back and move your bed into the ideal position with the touch of a button.

Apart from this, the most surprising fact about electric adjustable beds is the price. Having recently purchased a luxury double adjustable bed I was surprised to find that it wasn’t a great deal more expensive than my old bed and after enjoying the luxury of my new all singing and dancing bed nobody would ever tempt me to go back to a standard bed.

Find out how adjustable beds work by checking out the video below.


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