Disability does not mean losing your Independence

There are 9.4 million disabled people throughout the UK, accounting for 18% of the population. Independent living, where possible, is a key factor that can allow the person to lead a more fulfilled life.

There is help available

Due to the downturn in the UK economy, there has been a big reduction in the availability of independent housing provided by local authorities but the Orwell Housing Association UK has bucked this trend and grown substantially during this period. The association offers a wide range of facilities, including assisted housing and outreach services for those who live in their own homes.

Care services in the home

There are many ways in which you can get the help you’ll need if you decide to live independently. You can access specialist outreach services that will come to your home and assess your needs or you could track down the nearest day centre for social events.

A visiting carer can help if you need someone to advise you on medication and personal needs. It may be that your property might need ramps and special aids to help with your mobility but there are also alarm systems that can be fitted in case of a fall or an emergency.

Local councils and specialist agencies can offer information about all these products and services and can help you lead an independent life.

Meeting new friends and taking up a hobby

Living independently can give you the opportunity to meet new people and have a normal and happy social life. If you take up a new hobby or want to go out with a group of like-minded people, this will help raise your confidence and you’ll also strike up new relationships.

If you are moving into supported housing, you’ll have the peace of mind that someone is at the end of a phone or on the premises to assist you when needed.

Sharing the cost

Most people in today’s society would like to get onto the housing ladder, but for some it seems impossible. One easy way of achieving this is to apply to a housing association for shared ownership of a property.

Once you have been accepted you will pay part rent and part mortgage, this means you will own part of the property and the other portion you’ll pay rent on. If at some point you decide you would like to buy the remainder you can agree with the housing association to do so.

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