Disabled Travel for Over 65s

Traveling with a disability can be a challenge all on its own. But when you’re over 65, wheelchair travel can sometimes pose even more difficulties. So if you’re planning your next holiday abroad, be sure to take the necessary precautions. Here are some tips on planning the ultimate holiday for wheelchair users.

Choose a Wheelchair Friendly Destination

Being in a wheelchair should never restrict you from doing the things you want to do or seeing the places you want to see. But if you’ve reached the golden age and you’re looking for somewhere with minimum fuss and inconvenience, why not do a little research on the world’s best wheelchair friendly destinations?

The best wheelchair friendly destinations are often modern cities and The Access City Awards give us a great insight into what some of these cities are doing to improve accessibility on their streets. These annual awards look at the accessibility of pathways, roads and crossings – and it also looks at the accessibility of transport links including buses, trains and taxi hire.

Currently, some of the best cities in Europe include Berlin (Germany), Grenoble (France), Goteborg (Sweden), Dresden (Germany), Malaga (Spain), Burgos (Spain) and Poznan (Poland). But this is by no means the limited list and it’s well worth researching cities which have won awards in the past few years.

Get the Right Insurance Cover

Insurance cover is often overlooked or left until the last minute. But it’s essential – no matter what age you are – to get it sorted in plenty of time before flying. For the over 65 wheelchair traveler, it’s even more critical and no-one should ever leave home with sufficient cover in place.

When searching for the right insurance cover, be sure to find specialist travel insurance to suit your needs and your age. Being completely upfront with pre-existing medical conditions is important if you want to make sure you have the best access to medical help when you are traveling outside of your home country. Although many insurance shoppers are worried about paying higher rates, there really is a huge benefit to getting your cover right; the best insurance cover will mean that you don’t suffer any expensive medical surprises.

For instance, without insurance abroad, you could be paying up to £45,000 for an air ambulance in the USA (or £16,000 in the Canary Islands). A broken arm abroad could cost you up to £11,000 for treatment or for the simple care of a burn blister, it could be around £100.

So whether you are planning a leisurely beach holiday or something which includes a bit more physical activity, it’s important to get the best insurance policy – not just the cheapest.

For more advice on foreign travel insurance, be sure to visit the Gov.uk website.

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