Easy Access Wooden Greenhouses

There is now no reason not to get down and dirty in your greenhouse if you have mobility problems and want to enjoy planting and watching your seedlings grow from a wheelchair seated position.

Sadly not many greenhouse designers and manufacturers have considered accessibility. This has always struck me as strange because it makes great business sense especially catering for the very large population of elderly people that struggle to enjoy gardening on a daily basis, many having to give up completely because of mobility problems.

Gardening has always been one of the most favoured, relaxing and enjoyable hobbies and for the enthusiastic gardener greenhouses and gardening go hand in hand.

Thankfully the good people at the GardenSite have taken these issues fully on board and supply a broad range of greenhouses that are designed to alleviate the need to bend or struggle. Lower shelving as well as designing greenhouses specifically to cater for wheelchair users and others using wheeled walkers etc with wider opening doors and level access avoids the need to step in or step out.

Wheelchair Accessible Greenhouses

Wheelchair access greenhouse with level entry

There is a broad selection of varied designs and sizes to meet all garden sizes these can be seen inside the wheelchair accessible greenhouses section of the GardenSite.  There site also has contact details where you can get dedicated advice if you have specific requirements or need to know about installation etc.

Creating level access greenhouses has been long overdue and while some suppliers do provide them, very few of them specialise in meeting the needs of the disabled gardener, especially wheelchair users. So now you have no excuse not to get your hands dirty and start producing amazing plants and flowers at the fraction of the cost of purchasing them at garden centre prices as well as having the satisfaction of saying “I grew that”

Greenhouses Reducing the Need to Bend

Walk around accessible greeenhouse

What a sensible and if you think about it; perfectly logical solution in structures that are more often than not used by the elderly who will often struggle or be unstable bending down as well as having difficulty lifting objects off the floor to a reasonable height shelf.  Walk-Around Greenhouses aptly named because you can walk (or wheel) around the outside of the greenhouse and get access to all the plants etc without the need to actually enter inside. This has been achieved by having multiple doors and opening points that allow you to be seated or standing outside of the greenhouse while tending to anything inside. What a novel idea!  They also come in a range of sizes, shelf heights and designed to fit whatever garden space you have.

Greenhouses and the Vision Impaired

While we are talking about greenhouses and gardening for the disabled and elderly, it is essential that we don’t forget those with vision impairments. Many vision impaired people love gardening because highly coloured flowers and fruit are easy to identify, each offering a very strong contrast in colour. It must be remembered that many vision impaired people will often struggle to find the opening within large expanses of glass, made more confusing by the fact that the framework and door are all the same colour.

A very powerful and easy solution is to ideally purchase a wooden structure greenhouse where you can more easily paint the door opening (or all doors in the case of Walk-Around greenhouses) in a strong contrasting colour to identify the actual door sections against the rest of the structure.  A simple solution and a very vital and powerful one for the vision impaired.  You can of course paint just the door handles in colours such as red, yellow or black offering the greatest contrast in colour and again highlighting the opening. You can also add tactile door handles for those with greater sight loss.  Choosing bright and highly colour contrasting pots etc can also help identify individual items inside the greenhouse.  

So there you have it, greenhouses made accessible for all.  You now have no excuse not to enjoy getting out and growing your favourite plants.


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