Home Automation Helping the Disabled

Home automation is a major advance as far as benefiting people with disabilities is concerned. Turning your house into a smart home has limitless advantages to make life easier. Undertaking tasks that many physically disabled people cannot do or find it difficult to undertake now becomes easy and offers greater independence.

What can home automation do?

Controlling your home and household devices with your voice or the click of an app from your smartphone or Alexa Dot allows you to easily undertake tasks such as:

• Turning lights on and off
• Controlling your heating
• Opening and closing electronic curtains or blinds
• Voice-activated doorbells and CCTV cameras
• Automatically dialing numbers from your mobile via voice
• Unlock/open door entry systems

Turning your house into a smart home

These are just of the few benefits that home automation for the disabled can offer. In fact any electrical device can be operated through a dedicated device such as Amazon Alexa or a smart TV.

How can I get Smart?

Smart plugs that simply plug into any electrical socket and then connected to your WIfI are the easiest way to get started and are relatively cheap to purchase.  See suggested links below and check out home automation for the disabled services in ABLEize. .

Setting up takes minutes, simply plug your chosen device, lamp, WiFi kettles, sound systems etc in and away you go. If you have an Amazon Dot (aka Alaxa) just simple say the command entered into the free app.  Example “Alexa turn on the lounge lamp” bingo! and you don’t need to do anything but speak or click the app.

The advantages really are endless and once you have started out with a few Smart sockets you will soon get the bug and be undertaking many everyday chores with ease.

Finding it difficult to reach that high or low socket, or if like me turning on a lamp that is plugged in behind the settee? Fit a Smart socket and let the Internet do the rest.

Please leave a comment with any suggestions or just to let us know how home automation has helped has made life easier.

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