How To Look After Your Mobility Scooter

If you have owned a car you will have had to ensure that it passes its MOT every year, as well as carry our a regular service to help keep it ticking over properly. Also, a regular wash to clean off abrasive and corrosive salt, grit and grime, can add years to the lifespan of a vehicle. But do you take the same care with your prized mobility scooter? If not, then read on to learn how to best take care of your scooter.

Keep It Covered

When not in use it is best to keep your mobility scooter protected with a weatherproof cover designed for mobility scooters. It is not just to keep the rain off your scooter, good mobility scooter covers also to stop bird muck and dust from getting on to and into it, and also it can help hide it from prying eyes, reducing the risk of theft.

Keep It Clean

It is a good idea to clean scooter every week, especially with heavy use. Clean the tiller and control panel to prevent dirt obscuring dials, and keep wheels clean to improve grip. If you have a folding scooter, or one that dismantles, clean all joints and parts thoroughly to prevent dirt building up inside.

Park on a Hard Standing

If you leave your mobility scooter out overnight it is important to protect it from moisture damage. Parking on grass will result in the underside becoming damp as moisture vapour from the grass condenses on the cold chassis at night. The same thing happens with cars, much to the dismay of car owners, who have to fork out a huge bill to repair their chassis. So even if you have a new cover, please avoid parking on grass whenever possible. Even if the scooter avoid corrosion, the battery and electrics will not thank you if you leave it out at night.

Keep The Battery Charged

The most common problem retailers report is that owners complain that their mobility scooter batteries keep running out. Usually this is because they are not being fully charged before the next trip. If you are using your mobility scooter daily it is important to put the battery on charge overnight, which means 12-14 hours, not just 6-8 hours, and certainly not just for a couple of hours before you leave the house.

When you first receive your new scooter it is important that you fully charge your batteries for 24 hours several times in the first week. This is to activate the battery fully and prevent future problems. If you only partially charge your battery, the battery will lose capacity to fully charge and within a year it will probably fail completely.

Another problem is when scooters are not used for several months, as often happens when people stop using them during the winter. Batteries can die if they are left uncharged for a long time, so even if you are not using your scooter, keep the battery charged when it is not in use. It is recommended batteries are charged twice a week overnight (12-14 hours) when not in use.

For travel scooters it is advisable to remove the batteries from the scooter to charge them. Also, during winter storage, it is important to remove the battery from all scooter types and keep it in a clean and dry environment in the home, rather than storing in a garage or shed.

It is also important to follow manufacturer instructions on charging your batteries, so read the manual or call the store for the best advice. Don’t just rely on what a friend says as their batteries may have different requirements. And always use the correct charger.

Keep Your Types Inflated

Many people forget that the small tyres on a mobility scooter are air filled, and as with cars and bicycles, they need to be inflated to the correct pressure for best performance. Under inflated tyres put more strain on the scooter and drain the battery faster, as well as cause longer term structural problems.

Service Your Mobility Scooter

Just like a car, a mobility scooter benefits from a regular service. A service should check the brakes, motor, wheel alignment, battery test, as well as checking your lights are working properly and every else is working in accordance with the manufacturer’s design.

Keeping your mobility scooter in tip top condition is not difficult. Just give your scooter a little TLC every week and it will keep motoring away for many years to come. Remember, you also need to keep your mobility scooter insured to be road legal. Read the Government advice on mobility scooters before taking to the road this year.

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