Meet Luggie the Buggy

For those of you that haven’t heard of or seen the Luggie folding mobility scooter we are going to give you a quick run-down of its main features.

Firstly once you are on the Luggie there is not a great deal of difference between this and many of the other portable mobility scooters on the market, they all get you from A to B and solve your personal mobility problems.  So why is the Luggie so popular, selling in the thousands and why are we writing about it.

Why is the Luggie so popular?

folded Luggie mobility scooter
Luggie Folded

The main problem with most portable/travel mobility scooters is that they are not actually that portable, all the ones I have had in the past involve removing the seat, removing the motor section and back wheels, lifting out the batteries etc and then reversing the entire process to get it all back together again. That’s all essential to make them portable.

But not any more. The Luggie is one of the most innovated and advanced travel mobility scooter.  In its design they have recognised these major problems and solved them by removing the need to take it apart every time you want to transport it. 

This makes the Luggie not only faster to fold up and unfold but also because of its folded suitcase design (hence the name) it a great deal easier to transport, store in the car or store at home.

Watching the video demo below will explain this better and highlight why this lightweight mobility scooter has broke the mould to become the worlds most popular. Along with just how easy it is to fold and unfold as opposed to taking it all apart and then have to reassemble it. How it can easily be moved when folded, just like a pull-along suitcase.

How do I know the Luggie is for me?

There are a number of models available to meet your needs as well as some exciting and useful accessories. However like all things you wont know until you try one.

Luggie offers a completely free, no obligation home demo. Find out how easy it folds and unfolds and try it for yourself.

All Luggies come with:

  • A 5 year warranty
  • Unrivalled aftersales service
  • Expert advice
  • Optional insurance & breakdown cover
  • 25,000 units sold worldwide
  • Airline approved

Book a free no obligation Luggie home demonstration today by clicking the highlighted link or call free on 0800 012 4258 and discover how Luggie the buggy can greatly enhance your life.

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