Memory Foam Mattress Benefits for the Disabled

Memory foam mattresses often confused me (okay I’m easily confused) most disabled people that I know that have got one seemed to be wanting just a better or more comfortable night’s sleep, suffering from back pain due to being in a wheelchair all day was my reason for getting one and giving it a try; have had one for about a month now so thought I would share my views for anybody else with a disability or mobility problem thinking about getting one.

Firstly; don’t be confused by all the technical jargon such as “technologically advanced visco-elastic PU foam” this doesn’t really get me excited, just makes me wish I paid more attention in school. Best, easiest and certainly the quickest route is to do as I did and ring a competent supplier, explain your needs and let them guide you. I should make it clear at this point that buying a memory foam mattress will not improve your memory or indeed help you find your lost car keys, no; the memory part refers to how the mattress will mold to the shape of your body. This can be very beneficial to people with a curvature of the spine, and related disabilities allowing the mattress to mold to your shape and offer greater comfort as well as others like me that suffer with lower back pain.

You do need to persevere, the first night may feel a little strange especially if you’re used to sleeping on a mattress that resembles a barn door as I have been for far too many years to confess to. That said I have found that I have less aches and pains in the morning and my two Jack Russell have given a definite paws up as they seem to love the way the mattress molds to their bodies forming a little nest.

I normally try to avoid recommendations but the guys I rang were very professional and were able to answer all my questions in a manner that even I understood so thumbs up to them.

Good luck, please let the world know your views by submitting your reply below, also you can check out a no-nonsense memory foam mattress review for a straight talking review including the good as well as bad bits.

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