Motability Boss Quits after £2.2m Handout

The boss of the Motability charity that leases cars to the disabled is quitting after he receives a massive £2.2m bonus on top of his already whopping 7 figure annual wage.  Mike Betts, chief executive of Motability Operations previously had his knuckles wrapped when MPs called his annual £1.7m pay package “totally unacceptable”.

Mr Betts is due to stand down from his position by May 2020 and the group’s chairman, Neil Johnson, would retire in April 2019.motability logo

Motability Operations said: “After 16 years in the business, Motability Operations chief executive Mike Betts and the board of Motability Operations Group plc have agreed that. Following the implementation of actions agreed as an outcome of the NAO review, and working to help the new chairman settle in, a suitable successor will be found.  Mike Betts will step down from the board, no later than May 2020.

The Motability scheme was founded in 1977  as a “charity” created to help disabled people often on low income to lease a vehicle suitable for their needs.  The disabled person gives up most if not all of their Mobility Allowance, disability living allowance or their personal independence payment. It is said that Motability helps around 614,000 people lease a vehicle.

Charity begins at home

There are many thousands more that cannot manage financially if they give up this large chunk of their benefit.  It just makes you wonder how many people could have the independence of a Motability vehicle if the big wigs like Mr Betts was not creaming off 2,2m from this so called “charity”

Might be time to consider an alternative like VAT free cars that you own for life from Orange Wheels instead of leasing from Motability for 3 years?

While 2.2m is a very large sum, I am sure it is just the tip of the iceberg of what Motability take and then share between the Fat Cats.  Fat cats obviously live a luxury while the disabled people that this charity was created for; struggle on a daily basis.

Shame on you Motability! Like the old saying goes … “charity begins at home” and we all know where home is in this case.

UPDATE 15-01-2019

Chief executive Mike Betts’ annual pay package of £1.7m that was rightly described as “totally unacceptable” by the Work and Pensions and Treasury Committees has RESIGNED after his massive wage and 2.2m handshake was brought to light by blogs like this one.

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