New Special Needs Resource

Launched in December 2018 by the parent of a special needs child who has spent 14 years supporting his child who has learning and physical disabilities, “Special Needs Today is run by parents for parents” and is a “one-stop shop” of easily understandable information covering health and lifestyle issues.

The site aims to help parents and carers on their lifelong journey supporting their special needs child with content covering many areas of health including autism, epilepsy, learning disabilities, mobility, rehabilitation, communication, mental health and counselling through to lifestyle content – finance, grant funding, legal issues, benefits, education, leisure activities and employment.

Visitors to the site can sign-up for a free weekly email newsletter which includes new articles added to  the latest the site, competitions, special offers, and the latest news affecting parents and carers of children with special needs.

Visitors are actively encouraged to contribute to the service. Against every article on the site there is a “Feedback” form inviting parents to share their experiences, suggest new content, ask questions based on issues they may be experiencing in supporting their child etc. – making the service truly “by parents, for parents”.

The site is available to anyone and in particular may be of interest to members of the medical profession wishing to download and pass on to parents and carers information around specific medical conditions which affect those with special needs for instance in circumstances where there is a new diagnosis of a condition.

Future development plans include carrying information for patients from children’s hospitals (patient information leaflets, ward contacts etc.), a directory of special schools, listings of jobs for people with disabilities and forums which will enable both parents, medical professionals and educators to discuss any issues relating to the care of children who have special needs and disability.

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