Remember the Acedes Invalid Car?

Anybody out there remember the dreaded ‘Invalid Carriage’? (full name Acedes invalid car) Thankfully now defunct along with that distasteful word used to describe those unfortunate enough to own one!acedes Invalid Carriage

Three wheeled with or without hand controls, (well handlebars actually) two stroke 147cc and later 500cc engine with one seat and room for a folding wheelchair acedes invalid carriageaccessed via a large sliding door. At top speed it had enough power to cut the entire grass housed in a window box.

Available in any colour providing it was blue but if you were really lucky you could get one with a white roof. Built in Thundersley in Essex they were a real Essex bird babe magnet but only if you were trying to pick up Babe the pig from the movie of the same name!

The shell was made of fibreglass and they were built and supplied by the Health Services from 1933 up until 1977 when government came to their senses and scrapped them. By 2003 government agents crushed all they could lay their hands on, I say ‘crushed’ but I do believe all was needed was a pair of Christmas nut crackers and a strong hand.

scraped acedes carriages

Anyway for those interested a run down of these and other disabled motoring beasts can be found here HERE.

OK, I’m being a bit strong on the little blue beast, it did at least get the less mobile out and about, to work, shop etc but i’m sure those that remember them are thankful we now have Motability supplying disabled adapted vehicles.

Anybody brave enough to tell us their experiences with the Acedes invalid carriage I’d very much like to hear them, click ‘comments’ below to leave your post.

Check out the neat video below:

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