Riser Recliner Chair Review

If you are reading this riser recliner chair review you have probably arrived here because you are confused and wanting to know more about these specially designed chairs, if one would be beneficial to you and the type of design that would best meet your needs.

This review is written by somebody that uses a riser recliner as opposed to the many reviews that are created using information gathered from other related websites etc. I suggest that you read through the information below and then make contact with a reputable supplier to discuss your exact needs in greater detail. I would not recommend not going to an everyday furniture supplier for this type of chair.

First of all you need to think why you want a riser recliner chair, is it purely for comfort or because you have a medical or mobility problem that results in you being in pain in a traditional design armchair or you have problems getting up to a standing position from your current chair. If it is purely for comfort then this article is not for you, you would be better off visiting your local furniture store and taking time to try out the various armchairs and settees to find one that is the most comfortable for you. If however you do suffer pain in your current seating or have problems rising then read on for some basic facts including details of the different designs and the mechanisms used.

Riser recliner chairs basically do two things and are assisted by electric motors to take the effort out of getting the chair into the position that is best for you and your personal needs as well as gently helping you into a standing position.

Single and dual motor riser recliners

A single motor riser recliner has one motor that operates the backrest and foot rest at the same time and does not offer the option of adjusting the foot rest to meet your individual height needs including having the foot rest in the lower position if required.

A dual motor riser recliner allows the backrest and foot rest to work independently and gives you the option of maximising your seating position. With his option you can recline your chair fully with or without the foot rest or simply raise the foot rest while your chair remains in the right position.
Both the single and dual models will help you into a standing position.

It is a sad fact that many people continue to struggle to get in and out of their old faithful armchair, many people add chair rises to the legs (not recommended) to give the chair extra height. This can cause stability problems both because it forces you to sit at a higher, unnatural height but more importantly can be dangerous to get out of until you become fully aware of the height differences.

My particular preference is the dual motor riser recliner because this offers greater options for your comfort; especially if you occasionally wish to sleep or simply snooze in your chair and want to be as comfortable as possible as well as knowing that it will help you get out of the chair when needed.
Having dealt with several suppliers of these type of chairs I can recommend Willowbrook Mobility Direct, I have found they offer great independent advice as well as a brochure to help you make your own mind up and a free home demo if required.

View a useful riser recliner video guide below or call them today on 0800 854 330 for more information and advice.

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