Understanding Diabetic Footwear

Most of us know about diabetes and probably even know somebody that is diabetic so may well understand the risks and the complications that this common, yet dangerous condition can cause.

Because many diabetics have varying levels of sensitivity in their feet they are often at risk of ulcers, calluses and other conditions that most people would naturally and normally be aware of by their footwear causing them discomfort, rubbing or chafing especially with incorrectly fitted footwear.

Most diabetics will not be aware of these problems due to a lack of sensitivity so extra precaution has to be taken to ensure that the footwear that they are wearing poses a lesser risk of causing complications to their feet.

Diabetic footwear is especially designed for sensitive and vulnerable feet and generally have no protruding seems that could cause abrasions, they also tend to be made of softer material such as leather or suede that greatly reduce sweating of the feet that can in turn result in blisters on the toes or around the heel area.

Wide Fit Shoes specialise in diabetic shoes and offer a large range of styles for men, women and children including smart, everyday shoes, fashionable trainers, walking shoes and also everyday indoor footwear such as slippers. See men’s wide shoes for full product details and links to their full range of footwear for all conditions.

As well as diabetics the same problem and potential risks are involved for anybody with poor circulation, lack of sensitivity in the feet and this includes many people with paralysis such as those with spinal injury or excessive nerve damage. The same rules apply and you should always ensure that your footwear is correctly fitting and you check your feet for damage on a regular basis. Diabetic footwear can and should also be worn by sufferers of these conditions.

While it is important that you choose the correct footwear it is just as important to make sure that you regularly check your feet for any sign of damage and that can be as simple as redness or mild swelling but most importantly you should not ignore these conditions and reduce the time that you wear any footwear as well as seeking medical advice if you find that the conditions worsen or does not get better over time. A very informative video along with leaflet downloads and information is offered on the Diabetes UK website.

Wide Fit Shoes have been established since 1965 and specialise in shoes and footwear for all problem feet and have dedicated stock to cater for diabetic feet. They are London based and offer all of their services online and provide downloadable brochures, measuring and fitting guides as well as dedicated, professional advice and assistance provided by calling 020 8907 1742.

To find out how to correctly measure your shoes and footwear check out the video below:

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