VAT Exemption for the Disabled and Wheelchair Users

Ever consider VAT free cars? Most disabled people know that they do not need to pay VAT on things like manual or powered wheelchairs and other disability or mobility aids purchased specifically to meet their disabled needs. However, VAT exemption for disabled people is far more widespread and can at times be a bit confusing.

Apart from disability and mobility aids purchased, most people don’t realise that if they have building work, alterations or even additions to their house that all of the services could well be VAT exempt; providing that they are designed for the specific use as a disabled person, typical examples are the installation of a wet room, exterior ramp into your property and any adaptations that are needed for you to live a normal day-to-day life.  ABLEize to offer details and links to HM Revenue and Customers see VAT Exemption for the Disabled.

VAT Exempt Examples

Take a wet room for example, if you employ a VAT registered company to do the work you would not be required to pay the VAT on their labour.  Nor would you pay VAT on any fixtures and fittings.  That said it most probably will be unlikely that the person undertaking the work will be aware of this and it might well be something that needs pointing out and explained.  Builders need to provide a VAT exempt form to fill in and sign so no VAT is paid. Remember that VAT is a whopping 20% on every thousand pounds the job costs, so the potential saving can often be more than £200.00.VAT Free Range Rover

One very misunderstood area of VAT exemption for disabled people, especially for wheelchair users is the purchase of a new car or vehicle. A few months ago I was speaking to a young chap that sadly lost both his legs fighting in Afghanistan. He received a large cash sum for his injuries and treated himself to a brand spanking new Range Rover Sport for around 60 grand. After a while we got talking about rights as a disabled person in general and soon discovered that the chap had purchased the car outright and was never told about the VAT exemption on cars for disabled people, including wheelchair users. He could have saved himself a whopping £12,000! Now that really is a serious saving.

If anybody is looking at buying a new car I have done some homework and found a company called Orange Wheels.  Orange Wheels specialise in supplying VAT exempt cars for wheelchair users. Check out their site or give them a call on 0800 612 7844 and don’t forget to tell them ABLEize sent you.

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