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Oh no I hear you cry, not another price comparison website that’s going to bombard the television with a crazy middle-aged opera singer driving me nuts. or worse still some cute little Meerkats that in real life would more than likely rip your arm off.  (Yes sorry to burst your bubble but in reality they are vicious little devils). No, this comparison site is actually very useful and there when you want it rather than screaming at your television screen just as you sit down to watch Heartbeat with a cuppa and a chocolate Hobnob.

WAV Compare is a unique and bespoke website providing the largest online showroom of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV). Here you can leisurely search for all types of WAV vehicles including cars, minibuses and vans that you can drive while seated in your wheelchair.  Also rear or upfront passenger options.  All these are available from leading makes and models including luxurious Mercedes, VW, Peugeot, Ford and Fiat models.  Find a large selection and multiple colours to choose from to meet your exact wheelchair travel or driving needs.

As well as offering you the chance to purchase a new wheelchair accessible vehicle or lease one from the popular Motability scheme you can also purchase quality used WAV’s at a fraction of the new cost.  You can even sell your own vehicle.

How to buy, sell or hire a WAV.

All of this can be done at your leisure through the WAV Compare Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.  Its a website where you can also select a range of features including chair lift options, manual or powered ramps, winches, rear or side wheelchair access and many more features to make your wheelchair travel easier and in many cases independent. Driving option and adaptations are also catered for in your online search should you require hand controls or adapted accelerator pedals etc.

Why go to one dealership and be offered one or two makes and models when you can find the U.K.’s largest selection at the click of a mouse.

Search by your postcode to select WAV vehicles near to you by going to the WAV Compare website and start saving as well as having a greater choice to meet your individual needs.

One thing you won’t get is painfully repetitive, annoying blah blah blah compare songs that will get into your head and drive you mad. Just loads of choice, real bargains, and dedicated wheelchair accessible vehicle sales.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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