Wheelchair Users Riser Recliner Benefits

I can almost guarantee that if you ask anybody the question “who would benefit from having a riser/recliner chair?” 99.9% of people would say the elderly and of course they would be right. Many elderly people do struggle to get out of a standard chair.  A chair that rises so there is less effort involved getting into the standing position is of course a great help.

Not many people consider the wheelchair users riser recliner benefits. Many of you might be thinking, why would a wheelchair user get out of one seat purely to sit in another?

So how can a riser/recliner chair benefit wheelchair users?

Below are a few benefits that could help most if not all permanent wheelchair users.

• A change in posture preventing your body from getting used to one position only.
• Being able to recline offers pressure relief and allows the internal organs to work more efficiently.
• Being able to rest your head and shoulders can alleviate neck pain.
• The reclining motion of a riser recliner chair can help stretch the back and leg muscles to help prevent stiffness.

A permanent wheelchair user will often sit in the same position, in the same chair most of their waking hours.  This causes many problems over the years, firstly by your body getting used to mainly one position only. Permanent wheelchair users will also often get a curvature of the spine as the back is moulded to the shape of their wheelchair.  Of course there is also the important issue of pressure relief to prevent sores etc.

One of the greatest benefits to a wheelchair user is sitting for one or two hours a day in a riser recliner chair that has the added bonus of the foot rest being able to rise. This greatly helps with poor circulation especially in the feet and ankles.  Raising your feet allows the blood to flow more freely helping to prevent swelling or oedema of the feet. These and other problems are caused by sitting too long in a wheelchair.

Even if you sit in a riser recliner chair as an alternative chair watching TV for an hour each evening you will feel the benefits; unless of course you’re watching Big Brother! Try QI, it’s far more educational and really Quite Interesting!

Buying Tips

• Especially for wheelchair users it is most important to go for electric rather than manual recliners.
• Test a few models to find out if you need single or dual motors.
• Consider the size of the chair and if it not only fits you comfortably but also fits in your environment.

So there you have it.  If you are a wheelchair user and spend a great deal of time in your wheelchair; seriously give consideration to a riser recliner chair.  You will properly find it more comfortable, easier to get out of and certainly better for your posture.  This all helps to improve your circulation.

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